4 Wheel Alignment & Tracking

Pinpoint Accuracy wheel alignment for your Car or Van! - Now taking bookings!

Why is it important to have the wheels on your vehicle aligned correctly? Well, a vehicle that doesn't have it's wheels aligned will cause more unnecessary wear on vital components of your car, such as tyres, steering, suspension and brakes! Make sure you maximise the life of your tyres by having the wheels aligned!

Not only does wheel alignment offer significant long-term cost savings on Tyres, Brakes, Suspension - it also improves the vehicle's handling performance and driving stability.

Our state of the art wheel alignment system is recognised as one of the leading industry devices, that coupled with our 6 Meter lift means that we're capable of tracking long wheelbase vans with ease!

How do wheels come out of alignment?

Well, there's a number of reasons wheels can become out of alignment. The most common being:

Heavy Impact

The most common cause is by hitting a pothole, or riding up a curb. Wheels can also be knocked out of alignment if your involved in a road accident

Worn Parts

Over time, natural wear and tear on parts such as the suspension springs can lead to a change in wheel alignment. Regular checks on wheel alignment can also identify potential wear on components, before it's too late!

Height Modification

If the height of your vehicle has been altered from factory settings, it's likely your wheels will be miss-aligned. Don't worry, we're familiar with tracking all sorts of vehicles! From vehicles adapted for the extreme off-road, to road-going track cars!