Brakes, Batteries & Exhausts - Fast Fit

GW Tyres fit Batteries, Brakes and Exhausts!


Does it sound like your exhaust is blowing? Our expert technicians will be able to replace your exhaust for less than you think!
The exhaust is one of the most important components on your vehicle, issues with the exhaust may lead to increase engine noise, reduced fuel efficency and an increase in hamful gases being released into the environment. GW Tyres can fit a range of Exhausts for cars and vans, some with up to a 3 year gaurantee!

Fast Fit

Squeeky Brakes? Let us take a look! We can change your brake pads and discs in a matter of minutes! We don't just do brakes though! Give us a call on 01924 378839 to speak with your family frienndly local garage!